BIG ARTS Herb Strauss Theater

The real kudos belong to the spot on Direction of Marc Tumminelli. His casting for this show couldn't have been better, and the sensitivity he gets from the nuanced performances of his actors is nothing short of brilliant. Tumminelli's timing, blending comic moments to penetrating sad ones is seamless and impeccable.
- Marsha Wagner - Sanibel-Captiva Islander
Director Marc Tumminelli, lifts magnificent performances out of his young charges. While each of his youthful stars came into the roles with prior experience, Tumminelli knits his underage ensemble into what looks like a real family on stage. Once you layer in a trio of experienced adults, the show simply sings.
– Chris Silk, Naples News
Director Marc Tumminelli, does an incredible job keeping things moving in this nostalgic comedy.
– Di Saggau, Island Sun
Tumminelli earns 5 stars for what he has done with those kids, their parents and the indomitable Sister Clarissa. This Over The Tavern is a worthy, totally satisfying last play of the season.
– Sydney B. Simon – Island Reporter


Secret Garden: Spring Version
Broadway Workshop

A letter from Lucy Simon,
composer The Secret Garden

Since The Secret Garden opened on Broadway, there have been many productions around the world, both first class, and stock and amateur. As The Secret Garden is so often the musical of choice for school age children, Marsha Norman and I decided to create a simpler version of the show that would be more comfortable for younger performers to accomplish. We called it The Spring Version.

Of course we were nervous that it wouldn’t have the emotional impact of the original. We were very fortunate that Marc Tumminelli chose to premier this version at the Broadway Workshop.

It was astonishing, and Marsha and I considered it one of the most successful productions of our show. The performers and the audience came away from the performance feeling completely exalted, having experienced the power of this show under the superlative direction of Marc Tumminelli.


Opening Doors Theatre Company

Director/choreographer Marc Tumminelli’s tone of sophistication and silliness helps the material play like a song and sketch revue that fits very comfortably in the cozy space.
— Michael Dale -
Opening Doors’ I Love My Wife is a genuinely great and theatrically convincing production of a much ignored but extremely fun musical. I particularly enjoyed director/choreographer Marc Tumminelli's purposely corny choreography…
— Matt Windman, amNY
Bistro Award-winning Opening Doors Theatre, that reliable source of young energy for old shows, strikes again and strikes it rich with I Love My Wife. They are mostly sure-footed presenting this look at stumbling, tip-toeing married couples seeking to (maybe) broaden their sex lives. There is no smarm factor-- it's all fairly, squarely innocent and rather sweet. It's more about the score than the score, meaning that the smart, zippy 1977 songs are the main, delicious course, served up with bubbly energy and pep.
— Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes